2013 Canning Season Prices and Notes

I try to do canning every year to produce enough jam, salsa and other preserves to last through the part of the year where produce isn’t dirt cheap.

My favorite product from last year was plum jam – I made it without pectin by boiling for 4 hours or more. I should have boiled longer like I did for the peach jam  I also did.

So this year I’m doing plum again and pear – because pears are disgustingly cheap today.

box of pearsIMG_4215


  • 28 lbs pears for $20.27 ($0.72 per pound)
  • 20 lbs plums for $25.95 ($1.29 per pound)
  • 3.45 lbs green peppers ($0.69 per pound)
  • 2.61 lbs red peppers ($0.99 per pound)

Fruit Total: $51.19

Canning Supplies:

  • 24 wide mouth lids for $7.46 ($0.31 per lid)
  • 12 standard lids for $2.37 ($0.20 per lid)
  • 4 kilos sugar for $5.87

Supplies Total: $15.70

Total Cost: $66.89

With this ~50 lbs of fruit, I’m making

  • 3 batches peppery pear salsa
  • spiced pear jam with the remainder of the pears
  • plum jam

More details to come soon within the next few days. Also articles on JarSpot.com and Greenhousefarming.com related to this canning season.

Articles Planned:

  • Quickly ripening fruit in the entryway in the sun
  • Peppery Pear Salsa
  • No Pectin Plum Jam
  • No Pectin Pear Jam
  • Tattler Lids available in Canada!

Price Per Jar of Finished Products


Plum Jam, 20 pints

  • Lids: $6.20 (20 wide)
  • Fruit: $25.95 (20 lb plum)
  • Sugar: $1.90 (1.3 kilo)
  • Heat not counted
  • Lemon juice not counted
  • Rum not counted
  • Jars & Rings are a sunk cost and not counted

Total: $34.05

Total per jar: $1.70


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