Finally we can Analyze some Data for Facebook Friday!


It’s not as if I couldn’t have run some numbers before, but the more data I can get on the efficacy of Facebook Fridays the better.

I started this mad experiment on July 19th, according to the post I made here the day I committed to this social media plan. That’s only 9 weeks ago!!! Holy moly, it feels like so much longer than that.

At the time I had 206 subscribers on the facebook page – called likes in Facebook’s proprietary lingo. It’s growth, but it doesn’t seem too much faster than normal. Recent history would suggest that my assumption is probably wrong but I’ll run those numbers another time.

The numbers to run this time are traffic numbers. How about some charts? Referral Traffic

These are ONLY the figures for traffic coming from the Facebook black box. Black box because you can’t tell which page on Facebook the visits are coming from. Each data point is 1 week.

The highlighted point is the first week of Facebook Friday. Data goes back to March or so for comparison.

facebook-frydayReal hard to tease out useful data from this isn’t it? This is the annotation that Taran left to mark that spike in early June.


Exactly. No way to tell where the traffic is coming from. I’m reasonably sure that the more recent spikes are my doing – but how to be sure?

I have no choice but to close on an unsatisfying note of ambiguity.

It’s sure nice to have Fridays off from writing for search engines though.


God Dammit, Hacked Again | Trojan:JS/Quidvetis.A

It’s not one of my overpopulated servers this time – thank Blog – it’s one of my clients. Fortunately they only have one website on the server so it’s less of a mess to clean up than the one prior.

I’ll call this the Trojan:JS/Quidvetis.A hack because that’s the trojan being distributed by the malicious code. I know because my windows 8 snipes it every time it tries to download.

The hack doesn’t seem to specifically target wordpress installations only, because another hack victim found it in his index.php files on a custom coded site.

This is the link to the conversation which was unhelpfully marked as a duplicate question without linking to the original inquiry! This question is from yesterday which means this might be something going around…

This guy’s site wasn’t wordpress but mine was. I found several funny named files, one in the root named after a female human, and one further down titled with a random ASCII string. My index.php files seemed  untouched but all the header.php files within my theme directories had long strings of encoded hex. Remember, if it’s in hex, it’s probably a hex 🙂

Every time I deal with a hack I get better at dealing with future hacks. So it’s both good and bad. I remember first virus I ever cleaned from a computer was called Anti-CMOS – a now vintage virus from 1995. I think it still lives on all our 3.5″ non-floppy floppy disks.

I think the best course of action is to restore from some old backups. I found and fixed a lot of code and the virus isn’t being distributed anymore but you just can’t be sure… I’ll make sure to delete any unnecessary php files, change login passwords, remove unused plugins, update shit, etc.

Another fine mess…

Making Facebook Friday a Little Bigger

Last week I hit my first post with over 1000 impressions. Hopefully I’ll hit this more regularly which will prove that Facebook Friday is working… I think.

Facebook Fridays are a nice break from the normal routine of writing, writing, writing interesting and search optimized content every day.

Now that the habit is established I think I’ll start integrating other social medias like twitter and reddit and pinterest to the regime. I signed up for Hootsuite today which I’m not entirely sure will be useful but maybe I will play around with it a little and see what I can discover from it.

First the ordinary facebook stuff.

  • Sep 13 Flood Prep
  • Sep 14 Moonshine
  • Sep 15 Vacuum Cleaner
  • Sep 16 Unstick Buckets
  • Sep 17 Moving Boxes
  • Sep 18 Bucket Dolly
  • Sep 19 Gamma Seal Lids

Then let’s post a couple things on Reddit without worrying about scheduling.

2 posts on reddit for sites in appropriate subreddit. I’ll repost something if it doesn’t go over well enough. (reddit is a huge traffic get if done properly, traffic quality has risen from poor to fair in recent years.)

And a nice crop of pictures on Pinterest while I’m at it. I tried crosslinking a Pin over to the facebook page with promises of daily updates!

No need to waste time on twitter… I have nothing clever to say 🙂

How about a nice cliche image related to increasing profits through engaging with social media?




2013 Canning Season Prices and Notes

I try to do canning every year to produce enough jam, salsa and other preserves to last through the part of the year where produce isn’t dirt cheap.

My favorite product from last year was plum jam – I made it without pectin by boiling for 4 hours or more. I should have boiled longer like I did for the peach jam  I also did.

So this year I’m doing plum again and pear – because pears are disgustingly cheap today.

box of pearsIMG_4215


  • 28 lbs pears for $20.27 ($0.72 per pound)
  • 20 lbs plums for $25.95 ($1.29 per pound)
  • 3.45 lbs green peppers ($0.69 per pound)
  • 2.61 lbs red peppers ($0.99 per pound)

Fruit Total: $51.19

Canning Supplies:

  • 24 wide mouth lids for $7.46 ($0.31 per lid)
  • 12 standard lids for $2.37 ($0.20 per lid)
  • 4 kilos sugar for $5.87

Supplies Total: $15.70

Total Cost: $66.89

With this ~50 lbs of fruit, I’m making

  • 3 batches peppery pear salsa
  • spiced pear jam with the remainder of the pears
  • plum jam

More details to come soon within the next few days. Also articles on and related to this canning season.

Articles Planned:

  • Quickly ripening fruit in the entryway in the sun
  • Peppery Pear Salsa
  • No Pectin Plum Jam
  • No Pectin Pear Jam
  • Tattler Lids available in Canada!

Price Per Jar of Finished Products


Plum Jam, 20 pints

  • Lids: $6.20 (20 wide)
  • Fruit: $25.95 (20 lb plum)
  • Sugar: $1.90 (1.3 kilo)
  • Heat not counted
  • Lemon juice not counted
  • Rum not counted
  • Jars & Rings are a sunk cost and not counted

Total: $34.05

Total per jar: $1.70


Sep 6 Facebook Friday

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve posted about Facebook Fridays, but they’ve been getting done.

They didn’t seem to be paying off for the first few weeks, but we’ve hit some good posts so I still haven’t abandoned the project. I will be able to procure a chart and superimpose it onto my facebook data at some point in the future, maybe in another 4 weeks.

FB Like count is sitting at 264 for the facebook page and 574 for the main URL.

Pinterest as always is doing a better job driving traffic, with a lot less work. Maybe I should just get better at Pinterest instead of wasting time with Facebook.

Schedule this week:

  • Sep 6 Shelving
  • Sep 7 Potato Farm
  • Sep 8 Handle Repair
  • Sep 9 Sauerkraut
  • Sep 10 Collapsible
  • Sep 11 Dimensions
  • Sep 12 Ashtray

Edit October 2014: I got married the day after I posted this list. Hilarious in retrospect how it passed without mention and very “me.” We’re having a kid in a few months and I expect that new adventure to merit many posts on this finance blog as I discover and try out financial parenthacks.