8 Month Itchy Feet

I find that with very few exceptions I don’t stick around at a job for more than 8 or 9 months. Maybe it’s a generational quirk. My parents stuck with jobs for 5 to 10 years, and their parents even longer.

Most recently I’ve been getting sick of constantly writing articles, day after day. Not mind-block sick of it, like the way Taran gets when looking for jobs, but “what a chore” sick. To me it means the clock is winding down. In a month or two I might loathe what I do. The same kind of thing happened at Pedal to Petal. I was doing the minimum amount of work I absolutely had to keep the company running and to keep enough money coming in. The difference there is that I stuck with that gig for 18 months, a good deal longer than the mean for me.

So it’s time to start considering new projects. This most recent one was the smartest thing I could do with 8 months ever before in my life, because the system I spent that time building won’t go away. Unlike when I unplugged from the UBC system and those fat paychecks were cut off completely, this time I’ll hopefully see an ongoing benefit for years – or decades even – into the future.

Maybe this is the psychological profile of a serial entrepreneur. Build a system, replace yourself, and move on.

Not to say that I’m any good at entrepreneurship. I’m actually shockingly bad at motivating people; I think I’m too easy going. I let things slide and by no means demand the best of people. And if I never have to do a cold call or bring donuts to an office in the hopes of future clients, I will die a happy human.

One thought on “8 Month Itchy Feet

  1. I have the same issue! I’ve tried to figure out why in the past and boiled it down to something like this.

    I love to learn. I f*ing love to learn! I am happy as long as I’m learning something. In fact, I’m happiest when my rate of learning is at its highest (i.e. when I’m starting down a completely foreign path).

    As time goes on, and I learn more and more about the subject, my rate of learning goes down directly proportionally to my enthusiasm for the subject. This trend continues until I learn something like 82-87% of the subject matter.

    At this point, there is inevitably some sort of ‘shiny object’ unknown subject that is all too appealing to learn about, so I leave the former and head towards that big beautiful unknown latter.

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