About the Infinity Invader Mountain Bike

This is a hard bike to find any data on so I’m cataloguing everything I’ve been able to find out about this bike here.

Infinity Invader 2008

The Infinity Invader is a budget full suspension Costco bike. As far as I can tell, it is only sold in Canadian Costcos. According to their website the “Innovative” company is based in Vancouver BC. My burgundy model was on shelves in the year 2008 for between 200$ and 300$. A photo in a Red Flag thread from that year shows several models of Infinity bikes for sale, including this one.


I got my Invader in 2011 at a small town thrift store for 100$. Frankly, I overpaid by about 70$. The components are mostly bottom of the barrel, although a few are decent mid-range quality, such as the pedals and the brifters (brakes+shifters).

An Uncommonly Bad Drivetrain

The Infinity’s drivetrain puts the “train” in trainwreck. The bottom bracket on my model has about a centimeter of play in it, which chains into a rear derailleur that is capable of bending back on itself in a way that I have never seen before or since. The only way I’ve found of making the derailleur perform acceptably is to permanently affix it onto the lowest gear with a length of cabling and never, ever shift. The Infinity Invader works much better as a 3-speed than it ever did as a 21-speed.

Fixed rear derailleur infinity invader

Saddle and Seat Post

The seat does its job fine, but the seatpost it rests on is made really poorly. Gradually the clamping bit that holds the post to the saddle will loosen itself, even when you set it at the singular angle it’s happy performing at.


What Kind of “Invasion” is This?

After owning this terrible bike for 3 years now, I mostly advise you to stay away from this one.

But honestly, I’ve had a ton of fun with it! Bikes are amazing in that even the worst bike is ten times better than no bike at all. My Invader is the ultimate beater, so I never have to worry about keeping its paint job nice or bailing and sending it into a mud puddle. Since it’s a 3-speed, I would never take it long distances but it still tears up the local trails at Mt Tzouhalem like a banshee. Some of the funnest MTB runs of my life have been on this POS.

Primarily I use the bike as a “farm bike.” Small trips through the bumpy muddy ground on our 3-acre parcel seem to be what this bike is made for. When something snaps on the bike, it’s always a short distance back to the toolbox for a quick jerry rig to coax yet another 5 miles out of it.

3 thoughts on “About the Infinity Invader Mountain Bike

  1. Thanks for the write up trevor… I recently pulled one of these out of a dumpster… after reading your article, I’m thinking I overpaid too. It looked like a good bike from a distance. I thought the “bent over on itself” rear derailleur was because someone backed over it… funny to read that its just “what they do”. Do you think its worth putting any money into? I thought about getting a new derailleur (and it was missing a seat) but perhaps its not worth spending anything on…

    • spending money on it? haha i dunno about that. I spend another 80 or so on it at the bike shop and it really didn’t make it any better. Maybe if you can make it rideable for 10$ or less.

      I think it’s probably only good as parts honestly. ALthough the spokes might be shit, the tires themselves are probably fine. Maybe you can reuse the chain? The rear freewheel? Brifters?

      Good luck!

  2. This was my short distance dirt/ road commuter until my lock was cut and it was subsequently stolen. The thief didn’t get away with much and gave me incentive to purchase a solid Giant. This bike is nothing special but fitting for a cheap birthday present.

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