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By following Early Retirement Extreme principles, I’ve managed to “buy my freedom” by scraping out a living online. This site is where I keep notes and discoveries about this journey. Some of it may be helpful to you if you’re trying to achieve your own freedom from your job.

I’m in my mid 20’s and don’t have a nest egg which is why I build websites and write on them for my passive income. If I had a lot of savings I would be buying properties on the Canadian east coast and this would be a blog about land-lording. If I had even more money I would build myself a permanent portfolio of 25% cash, 25% gold, 25% stocks and 25% bonds and this would be more of an investment blog.

The most popular page on this site so far are my DIY Wine Notes, my expanded musings on every single batch of 1 minute wine I have made.

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  1. Aloha from Hawaii! I love your wine information, but I can’t find something. In the paragraph “Want more subtly”, in your first asap wine article, it says to click on the paragraphs link to find out about not using white sugar or why “racking” your wine might be a good idea-well, I can’t find this information on the page it takes me to. Lots of other good information though. I want to make tropical fruit wines, from my garden, in juice bottles and because I will be juicing the fruits myself, I feel racking may be essential. Please let me know where you have this information. FYI I am Canadian from BC, but have lived in Hawaii for 25 years. I’m a weenie about cold now. Thanks much!

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