Adsense Rich Media Changes on my site

Just a quick note about the adsense changes I made today.

I took the “text only” ad out of rotation – it’s clear that people click on rich media ads and that CPC has gone up so I think I’m happy with rich media ads. One advertiser selling foldable containers is advertising on the site, and I’ve been quite happy with that advertiser since they seem to be selling something quite useful and it’s well targeted at my readers.

It’s also still been reported as earning higher this week just as last week. I suspect there’s more going on behind the scenes so if this change hurts overall earnings I can easily put it back into rotation.

I’ve also changed the bottom ad to rich media+text – so now all 3 main ad units will accept rich media ads, whereas 2 months ago I accepted no rich media ads on the entire site.

I’ve left the mid-page ads which show up only on the most popular articles out. I plan to phase them out completely before long as those pages are now trying to display 4 ads, which is impossible and always leaves a yellow hole.



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