Asus Slate EP121 Motherboard and Internals

Recently one of the fans started buzzing loudly in my EEE PC EP121 Slate, a giant 12 inch tablet computer running a full install of windows 7 on its 64-gigabyte solid state drive.

To “fix” it, I had to open up the computer to get at the internals. I accomplished this with a butter knife and extreme caution so as not to break any of the delicate little clasps holding the 2 halves together.

It’s become tradition now for me to take high resolution pictures of the insides of computers I fix and post them here.

Click image for full resolution file.


Out of the 2 fans, only one was buzzing. It’s the right-side one pictured above. You can order replacement fans from Ali Express for around 20$ which I plan to do, but in the meantime I’ve simply disconnected the fan from the board. The computer runs silently again, but it only has 1/2 of its cooling power now so I carefully monitor the internal temperature to make sure it doesn’t exceed ~80 degrees C. I use a great utility called HWmonitor to monitor the temperatures of every internal component with a sensor.

Disconnecting the fan is easy, just pull the tiny little white connector near the fan out. I’ve placed a green arrow beside the one I pulled out.


A 1-fan EP121 still runs perfectly fine for most activities. But processor-intensive tasks should be attempted with great caution! You can watch a youtube video but not in high definition as this will create more heat than a single fan can properly deal with. Excel, Word and ordinary internet browsing are all perfectly safe as they require very little processor power. It’s still best to replace your bad fan as soon as possible so you don’t risk damaging more components with the extra heat.

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