A Craigslist Venture

A Craigslist Venture

I’ve been taking the first steps into a home-based Craigslist selling business.

It’s bothered me for the past few years, that all my income is too removed from the reality of my life. My money flows in through a pipe between the US and Canadian economy, but what if something happens to the pipe? Or the companies on the other side of that pipe? Or the governments over here and over there?

I’ll consider myself more secure in my position if I can build a money generator over here, to supplement the one over there.

Since it’s my mission in life to produce the maximum possible with the barest minimum of input, I’ll be creating my Craigslist products using almost exclusively free inputs. Here’s a few of the products so far that I am trying.

Battery Banks

I’ve found a use for the 120+ lithium batteries I salvaged earlier in the year. My cost for each recovered cell is $0.90. Thrown into a $1.15 battery housing, and I have attractive power banks at about 2 bucks a pop. I can sell at $20 and still be the cheapest guy on Craigslist.

18650 battery pack

18650 battery pack 2 cell measurement
The ads are all up for these but I haven’t sold any yet. It’s possible I’m still charging too much, or the market is saturated. I’ll also experiment with my messaging. I’d rather not stoop to overpromising milliamp hours which is what my “competition” on Craigslist is doing.Jerusalem ArtichokesAn extremely productive crop that has a much higher selling price than potatoes. Typical prices at seed companies are 20$ for 6 or 7 tubers. If I can corner the market on these tubers in my city, it should represent a nice little cashflow with very little effort.

sunchoke - jerusalem artichoke

Red Wriggler Compost Worms

I paid 25$ for a half pound of these worms. These creatures have a doubling time of mere days. Therefor as long as I can supply them with enough biomass to support their exploding population, I can create money out of food waste just as fast.

red wrigglers - compost kit

My plan is to create “compost worm kits” with a 5 gallon bucket and sell those. I could probably ask 30$-40$ each. Total cost should be zero as long as I can keep getting my buckets for free.

With any of the above ideas, I’m prepared to create a website to sell the products through targeted to my area. Craigslist is more of a way to market test. I’ll also be able to mail everything out economically if needed.

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