Giveaway Downloads on Every Post

It’s a strategy from a guy whose business is business. The kind of internet fauna of which there might be too much of, in the same where there are too many magic wand salesmen recruiting new magic wand salesmen who will recruit yet more magic wand salesmen.

The advice checks out though, here’s how I’ve adjusted it with my own slant of laziness.

Instead of putting a giveaway on EVERY post I’ve decided to spend the time to put these giveaways on the posts that have already proven that have 2 of the 3 following features

  • High traffic through main site
  • High search engine visibility
  • High page earnings

Spending the time to put giveaways only on the posts with a proven track record is sort of an 80/20 compromise. I figure I can get 80% of the benefit of these techniques with only 20% of the effort applied strategically.

I used the HTML code provided which was very helpful. The only coding necessary was the HTML and 1 or 2 CSS changes. In total it took 30 minutes, and will probably be much faster in the future now that it’s been done once. Building the brand new mailchimp campaign took an hour or two and should go much faster if part of the process can be template.

(from my comment on the interview podcast)