Changing the Work Routine

For the past few months, I’ve set myself a quota of an article a day -every day- no exceptions. Except…. Facebook Fridays. If I wanted a day off I just wrote less of an article. Sometimes, these piddling articles were only a few sentences long. Laziness was winning more and more often.

After publishing an embarrassment of an article this time last week, I knew I had to change my workflow to inject some give-a-shit into this thing I do once again.

So now I work on a post for 30 minutes a day, no exceptions except for…. you already know. It’s ok to spend more time, but probably not less. I’m still thinking that one through.

I’ve also stopped posting for now on the 2 smaller sites and am focusing only on the big site. Each hour of work spent on an article there pays much greater dividends in the short term – and I assume the long term as well. This means I’m leveraging my time more aggressively at the risk of less topic diversification.

Although in the past 6 days I only published 2 articles, they’ve been longer and higher quality – not the rush jobs that I often put out at the 6 article a week pace. Today I published the 2nd article with 20 minutes yet to spend on extra tidbits like posting to Pinterest and writing this post.

I like some of the advice Ed Dale spurts, including that showing up for at least 30 minutes every day with months or years of consistency is a much greater constructor of success than blowing your entire load working like a banshee until your brain just can’t take it any more. That’s why I started, and have so far stuck to, working a little bit every single day without exception. Except…. for 3 days when my server was hacked in June while I was speaking at a Blogging Conference and the day I got married this September 7.

The best and most unexpected result of this schedule is that I now have a keen insight to how much time I spend “working on the business” – if this counts as a business. I can even calculate how much I earned in a day against how much I worked that day, and watch my “wage” grow with great satisfaction.

One thought on “Changing the Work Routine

  1. Trevor, I think this is a great strategy. I’m amazed you were able to keep up doing 1 article per day for so long, but most of the high impact bloggers I know of typically post big articles 1 or 2 times per week.

    The important thing is that you’ve built the habit of posting every day! You’re miles ahead of me in that regard.

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