Don’t Assume Bulk Bins are Cheaper!

I was raised on that assumption – probably because it used to be true. But in an era of flagging retail profits, grocery stores are doing everything they can to increase margins – whether by hook or by crook.

My mission today was to find the best price on cashews. Prices vary widely for cashews, so it’s an item that is worth shopping around for. I found a difference of over 50% between the first cashews I found and the cashews I ended up purchasing.

I went to 2 stores and found 6 different prices on cashews. I wrote down every price as I went along.


  • Salt & Pepper Cashews (can): $32.40/kilo. On sale for $27.80/kilo.
  • Salted Cashews (can): $25.00/kilo

Canadian Superstore

  • Bulk Bins: $22.50/kilo
  • Can: $18.20/kilo
  • Tub: $14.10/kilo

All of these cashews prices were available within the same city block. The time between finding the first can at 32$/kilo and the best priced tub at $14/kilo was only about 10 minutes.

Especially interesting is that the bulk bins were the most expensive way to purchase cashews at Canadian Superstore. Even the small name brand can of cashews in the nut aisle was cheaper by 4$ per kilogram.

canister-of-cashewsI also compared prices for another item on my shopping list, whole milk, which is a commodity item and not a luxury item. Most families buy milk weekly. Prices ranged between $5.29 and $5.99 – not very much at all.


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