[Download] OpenStreetMaps OSM Key/Legend (PDF)

I’ve been using my new smartphone primarily as a hand-held GPS unit. My favorite GPS application by far is the excellent OruxMaps. It costs nothing, is ad-free (I’m fairly sure) and extremely feature-full while still maintaining lightning-speed performance.


OruxMaps can read just about any map format, but the best one I’ve found is OpenStreetMaps – or OpenAndroMaps when we’re talking about Android smartphones. These maps are extremely detailed, you can see in the picture above it even shows the footprints of individual houses.

One major frustration for me was not have a map legend that shows what the various icons mean. A lot of them I can safely assume, such as the blue P meaning Parking, but what does this icon mean?


There was never any map key provided with OpenAndroMaps, but they do have a wiki page that can -sort of- be used as a map key, but it has waaaay too much information on it, as it’s written for map developers and has about triple the number of entries as corresponding icons.

So what I’ve done here is taken that wiki page and cut out all the extra stuff not needed for the “end user” and turned it into a PDF that can be read right on your smartphone.


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