Fall and Winter Search Traffic Growth

I’ve been looking forward to following up on my Summertime search traffic growth from last August.¬†Today I’ll be focusing mostly on site “B” because the others have been left to their own devices, as I don’t really write on them anymore.

Here’s a refresher of the old graph. Each data point is one week’s organic search traffic.


week of may 5: 2169
week of aug 18: 3115
growth amount: 946
growth per week: 59

And this is the chart with all the weeks since tacked on. Highlighted in yellow is the summertime period already covered in the previous graph.


Remember, I’m throwing out the last datapoint which represents an incomplete week.

week of aug 18: 3115
week of feb 9: 6223
growth amount: 3108!
growth per week: 124

Growth rate in search has been blistering, more than doubling since last summer. Interesting to note that it’s mostly been plateaus, punctuated by huge boosts every couple of months. It’s been growing steadily since last December, probably due to some algorithm changes that happen to have worked in my favor.


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