Finally we can Analyze some Data for Facebook Friday!


It’s not as if I couldn’t have run some numbers before, but the more data I can get on the efficacy of Facebook Fridays the better.

I started this mad experiment on July 19th, according to the post I made here the day I committed to this social media plan. That’s only 9 weeks ago!!! Holy moly, it feels like so much longer than that.

At the time I had 206 subscribers on the facebook page – called likes in Facebook’s proprietary lingo. It’s growth, but it doesn’t seem too much faster than normal. Recent history would suggest that my assumption is probably wrong but I’ll run those numbers another time.

The numbers to run this time are traffic numbers. How about some charts? Referral Traffic

These are ONLY the figures for traffic coming from the Facebook black box. Black box because you can’t tell which page on Facebook the visits are coming from. Each data point is 1 week.

The highlighted point is the first week of Facebook Friday. Data goes back to March or so for comparison.

facebook-frydayReal hard to tease out useful data from this isn’t it? This is the annotation that Taran left to mark that spike in early June.


Exactly. No way to tell where the traffic is coming from. I’m reasonably sure that the more recent spikes are my doing – but how to be sure?

I have no choice but to close on an unsatisfying note of ambiguity.

It’s sure nice to have Fridays off from writing for search engines though.


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