Fridays are Facebook Days!

For the last few weeks I’ve been braining my brain on how to get more baseline traffic on FGI. I’ve been writing longer articles, submitting some of them to reddit again, and doing even more keyword research. For some reason ever since zend hacking day, my search traffic has stagnated. Earnings and overall traffic are still growing, but I know that without steady search traffic growth numbers, I won’t be able to grow this sapling to the size where it can shelter me.

Today I’ve decided to sacrifice one of my content days (there are currently 7 content days a week) to scheduling facebook posts over the next 7 days. I’ve already got pinterest down – it’s fun so I just post on there for every article – but I’ve hated doing facebook for a long time, so I have to force myself to do it if I’m going to do it.

So I’m going to start dedicating fridays to facebook. I’ll look forward to fridays because scheduling 7 facebook posts is actually a lot easier than researching and writing an article. I just did it and it took maybe 30 minutes, where an article can easily take 2 hours, give or take.

These are the posts I scheduled this friday. I probably won’t publish my posting schedule every week, but since I’m starting the program today I figured I would make note of it.

All posts are published using facebook’s newish “scheduling” feature, except for today’s post which was published instantly. All posts are are launched at noon, which is both when I wake up and when my website traffic has hit its daily plateau.

july 19 ash bucket
july 20 egg washer
july 21 end table
july 22 garden hose
july 23 freezer organizer
july 24 csa box
july 25 cut open 55 gal drum

The facebook page currently has 207 likes, which is significantly up over last time I checked which was when I topped 100. My website has 550 likes, but these likes are not “traffic” likes because they aren’t shared with friends (i don’t think) and they don’t subscribe a “liker” to posts in the future. I may very well change the homepage facebook button to like the facebook page instead depending on the results of this test.

7 posts, so I’ll have 7 little experiments to run against each other and see which sort of post gets the better response. Is it the picture? The blurb? Personal stories? Longer or shorter sentence? It could even be time of day for all I know. I won’t know until I test. fucking. everything.

Fridays are Facebook days!

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