Making Facebook Friday a Little Bigger

Last week I hit my first post with over 1000 impressions. Hopefully I’ll hit this more regularly which will prove that Facebook Friday is working… I think.

Facebook Fridays are a nice break from the normal routine of writing, writing, writing interesting and search optimized content every day.

Now that the habit is established I think I’ll start integrating other social medias like twitter and reddit and pinterest to the regime. I signed up for Hootsuite today which I’m not entirely sure will be useful but maybe I will play around with it a little and see what I can discover from it.

First the ordinary facebook stuff.

  • Sep 13 Flood Prep
  • Sep 14 Moonshine
  • Sep 15 Vacuum Cleaner
  • Sep 16 Unstick Buckets
  • Sep 17 Moving Boxes
  • Sep 18 Bucket Dolly
  • Sep 19 Gamma Seal Lids

Then let’s post a couple things on Reddit without worrying about scheduling.

2 posts on reddit for sites in appropriate subreddit. I’ll repost something if it doesn’t go over well enough. (reddit is a huge traffic get if done properly, traffic quality has risen from poor to fair in recent years.)

And a nice crop of pictures on Pinterest while I’m at it. I tried crosslinking a Pin over to the facebook page with promises of daily updates!

No need to waste time on twitter… I have nothing clever to say 🙂

How about a nice cliche image related to increasing profits through engaging with social media?




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