Minimum Daily Cost of a Coffee Habit

Summary: Buying high quality but cheap costco beans and drinking 1 percolator pot of coffee per day, my personal coffee habit costs $0.65 per day. I drink as much or more coffee than average, which means that no one’s coffee habit need be more expensive than mine.


Hypothesis: I usually tell people that my daily pot of coffee costs 50 cents per day. That’s always been a rough guess, here I’m going to find out exactly what that cost is and how it compares to my estimate.

Methodology: I bought coffee at the Co-op for more than I usually buy it for at Costco. 326 grams were on sale for 5$ exactly. I bought the tin on July 29, and used it that day. Brittany drank about 15% of it which is usually what she drinks out of each coffee purchase. She gets coffee at work free which is why this number is not larger.

Results: The coffee lasted 5 days. I thought it would last 7 and hoped it would last 10 so reality fell pretty far short of my estimate. For this tin of coffee, cost was $1.00 per day.

However – usually I buy a lot more coffee at a time, netting me a significant discount. I buy it for around 12$ for a 1.2 kilo bag at Costco, and it’s a lot better tasting than the Co-op shit. This cheaper coffee is Kirkland brand, but is actually roasted at Starbucks so it is actually quite high quality.

Based on my 5$ 5-day coffee test, a bag of costco beans will -conservatively- stretch out to 18 days. Dividing into 12$ gives me my final coffee habit figure, 65 cents per day.

That’s 30% higher than what I’ve assumed up to this point, but it’s still a trivial amount. Based on my comprehensive bills-and-rent survival number of 26$/day, kicking my coffee habit would only save 2.5% of my total bills.

I think I’d rather keep the coffee habit.

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