Replacing the Hard Drive in an External

Recently my motherboard was shorted out by a coffee spill. Computer components are cheap, but the data on a hard drive is probably priceless. I was worried that I would have to buy a drive case for my hard drive to get the data off it. But I found out that I can just tear apart my external, swap the drive out, and it’ll work.

My drive is a 500gb Seagate FreeAgent. I checked online to make sure its connector is a SATA before opening it.

external-driveSee this little green board? That’s the adapter that turns SATA into USB and powers the drive with a tiny connector.

internal-to-external-boardHard Drives, side by side. 500gb from inside the external and a 1000gb from inside the shorted out computer. The 1000gb is about 5 years newer, but hopefully they’re still compatible!


Testing the drive to make sure it’ll work before I put it all together.



There she is! Everything works perfectly. Note: it only shows 750gb out of a total 1000gb because i left 250gb open in case I wanted to dual boot this drive with another OS in the future.successful-test

First attempt at putting the drive back together. Ugly but still functional.


So Fortunately for me, I won’t have to buy a drive cage. Total savings 20-40$

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