Sep 6 Facebook Friday

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve posted about Facebook Fridays, but they’ve been getting done.

They didn’t seem to be paying off for the first few weeks, but we’ve hit some good posts so I still haven’t abandoned the project. I will be able to procure a chart and superimpose it onto my facebook data at some point in the future, maybe in another 4 weeks.

FB Like count is sitting at 264 for the facebook page and 574 for the main URL.

Pinterest as always is doing a better job driving traffic, with a lot less work. Maybe I should just get better at Pinterest instead of wasting time with Facebook.

Schedule this week:

  • Sep 6 Shelving
  • Sep 7 Potato Farm
  • Sep 8 Handle Repair
  • Sep 9 Sauerkraut
  • Sep 10 Collapsible
  • Sep 11 Dimensions
  • Sep 12 Ashtray

Edit October 2014: I got married the day after I posted this list. Hilarious in retrospect how it passed without mention and very “me.” We’re having a kid in a few months and I expect that new adventure to merit many posts on this finance blog as I discover and try out financial parenthacks.


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