Services I Would Pay For

My short list of services I would personally pay some of my delicious money for. All of these jobs can be done from anywhere in the world and on your own schedule.

  • I’d pay for good writing. To the point articles that are scannable and laced with pictures. Ability to write on any subject is huge.
  • If you can drive traffic to a website I’d pay for that – I would happily pay 5$ for every 1,000 visitors. Much more if they are the right kind of traffic.
  • If you can build a Facebook or Twitter account I’d pay you to do that for me. It took me ages to get 1000 likes on Facebook because I hate Facebook and suck at it. Some jerksĀ have 500,000 likes on Facebook and that’s a cash cow I tell you what.
  • If you can get links to my site on other people’s websites, well that’s an extremely marketable skill and I’d pay for that too, as would a lot of other people.

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