Spring and Summer Search Boom and Bust

This is sort of a tradition now, a twice yearly look back at that most effortless river of traffic, organic search.

Last time I checked it was Feb 21. The traffic growth rate was high and uninterrupted. This time we’re introducing a bit more ambiguity.


As you will note, search traffic growth took off during the summer of 2014, and tapered off toward the end of summer.

These were Period 2‘s statistics.

week of aug 18: 3115
week of feb 9: 6223
growth amount: 3108
growth per week: 124

And now, Period 3:

Week of aug 18: 3115
Week of Sep 28: 7904
Growth amount (34 weeks): 4789
Growth per week: 140

What’s up with Summer?

My most popular article by an enormous margin this summer was a summer-time only topic about keeping cool during hot days. It’s not terribly surprising to see traffic dropping off, although I’d hate for this drastic trend to continue!

But it won’t. Here is the same chart with traffic from just that summertime article overlayed in orange. Search traffic from the “keeping cool” article has disappeared almost completely, from its high of over 6,100 per week, down to last week’s 391.

trafic growth overlayed summertime

I’ve always been surprised that my sites never get that consistent weekly shape that most sites do. Maybe instead I’ll have a consistent seasonal shape.


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