Summertime Search Traffic Growth

These are notes for summertime traffic growth for the 3 blogging sites that have so far stood the test of time. I have other sites but these 3 are the most impressive statistic-wise.

I’m planning a 4th site themed similarly to these sites soon so this data will help me plan for future growth.

This is organic search traffic only, which is a minority segment of total traffic.

Time frame is from May 5 to Aug 24 2013 and is calculated by 7-day period. That’s 16 weeks total.

Note: For each chart, first and last data points shown are not used; they are incomplete weeks.

Site 1: Site “B”


week of may 5: 2169
week of aug 18: 3115
growth amount: 946
growth per week: 59

Interesting to note that SEMrush is showing this site losing search traffic over the last 2 months. No sign of that in the actual data….

Site 2: Site “G”


week of may 5: 20
week of aug 18: 203
growth amount: 183
growth per week: 11

Site 3: Site “J”


week of may 5: 62
week of aug 18: 218
growth amount: 156
growth per week: 10


I didn’t realise Site B was growing so quickly. It had seemed to be plateauing compared with the other 2 sites, but by running the numbers the growth seems significant. It only looks like slower growth in the charts because the week-over-week growth represented as a percentage of pre-existing traffic has actually been much lower than the smaller sites. Babies grow the fastest, but that doesn’t mean they are the strongest.

Bonus Chart – Site “D”

Alright, here’s a bonus search volume chart for a mature site that is popular but rarely updated. This site is a loser in revenue but is kept up as an art piece. Interesting to note how stable the traffic volume is over time while fluctuating wildly week-to-week.


week of may 5: 414
week of aug 18: 363
growth amount: -51
growth per week: -3

Although it looks like this site is shrinking, the 16-week shrinkage of 51 seems to be just within the normal weekly fluctuation. To me this is a positive sign that a blog left to its own devices does not really shrink over time.

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