Writing Blogs for a Living

I blog for a living. Not for other people but exclusively for myself. I wrote my ass off for 8 months earning very little to build up enough of a content base to supply me with income to live off. It’s a significant barrier to get through which I think is why many prefer freelancing.


I shove words into the ether constantly. I used to write more than one article a day but I’m now down to around 2 a week. Yesterday I wrote half a dozen real shitty ones on DollarEater.com. My best writing always starts shitty and then is endlessly edited. I find editing skills are far more important than writing skills.

I’m interested in hiring a writer to help out but have yet to find one that meets my criteria. I need someone who doesn’t need management, writes in the same style as I do, comes up with high quality original pictures to accompany posts, and will work for cheap enough that I can earn a profit from their articles. The perfect writer probably doesn’t exist so I shall continue to slog through myself.

The Writing Process

Most professional writers use a process called “freewriting” where they shove as much shit on a page as they can in a set amount of time, then wait for a day or longer, then brutally edit what they’ve produced. It’s like assembly lining your creative process. I wrote a guestpost on freewriting on BlogSexier. I’m hoping to read Steven King’s “On Writing” which talks about this plus other techniques.

Writing and Search Engine Optimization

Excellent writing is the most powerful tool – maybe the only tool – that SEO has left. I don’t seek out SEO education anymore. The important stuff seems to trickle through in the podcasts I follow – marketing over coffee & smart passive income. Much is learned first hand from my own experience running a bunch of different sites which is why I take any “pro advice” I hear with a grain.

I learned mainstream SEO when I worked an intern for 6 weeks at an online job board in 2010. It was a much different time. My job was just spamming press releases everywhere and it worked great. It was boring work and each day ran into the next. This way feels a lot better and it actually works a lot better long term.

I don’t employ anyone for my SEO because for me, SEO means words + pictures and see above for my problems with that. It can also mean social media which I mostly don’t like to do, and videos which are a lot of work but are totally worth it.

Cover picture related: it’s the 15$ logitech I’m typing on.

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